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The Little Black Dress

  The little black dress, or LBD, is a timeless fashion piece that has come to symbolise sophistication and elegance. Its origins can be traced back to 1926 when the renowned fashion designer Coco Chanel introduced the concept of a simple, yet stylish black dress that could be worn on various occasions. The perfect outfit […]

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A minor obsession with… Louboutin shoes

Christian Louboutin, the man behind that famous red-soled stiletto, once said: “To feel like a woman, wear heels. To feel like a goddess, wear five inches.” He’s quite right – there’s nothing like stepping out in a pair of vertigo-inducing heels to feel truly, deeply, fabulous (especially from a Bentley!). And if nothing else, stepping […]

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How to spot a fake designer handbag

I don’t do fakes. If there’s one thing my friends and customers know about me, it’s that I won’t touch a fake designer handbag in my store – and not just because it would be illegal for me to sell one. The making of and sale of fake goods – of any kind – is […]

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A Cheshire Life Cover Girl

A dream come true. I am so thrilled to have been asked by Cheshire Life to feature on the front cover of their August 2023 issue. I know my mum would have been really proud! And I am equally as proud of my miniature poodle Ollie who was beside me all day! A Cheshire lifestyle. […]

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It’s time to simplify your wardrobe

  When was the last time you decluttered your wardrobe? If the answer is ‘never’, you need a good long look at yourself in the mirror! If, like most people, you occasionally have a quick sort through when you realise you can’t fit your new purchase in with ease, it’s definitely time to commit to […]

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An Icon of Femininity, Beauty, and Empowerment! Since her creation by Ruth Handler in 1959, Barbie has become an undeniable icon in popular culture. This iconic doll symbolises femininity, beauty, and empowerment, epitomising the idealised image of a woman that has influenced the minds, dreams, and aspirations of countless individuals. An object of admiration and […]

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Hit the beach

Would you buy pre-owned swimwear? Why not? Think about it – you buy a stunning bikini from Missoni, or Zimmermann, or Melissa Odabash, and you perhaps wear it every day of your holiday, for a morning or afternoon, which means it’s then had a total of seven (short) days wear. When you get home, it’s […]

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Why do we love Chanel?

Of all the brands people ask about when searching for a pre-loved designer handbag, Chanel is the name that pops up most. Chanel is one of the most iconic of designer brands, the most sought-after of labels, but why? Why do people love Chanel? Let’s take a quick look back at the history of the […]

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Timeless Classic Clothes

Fashion. It says everything about us. And it’s not just limited to the latest trends and styles but also a reflection of history and culture. Women’s clothing, in particular, has evolved over the years, and classic women’s clothing has always been in style. Classic women’s clothing is elegant and timeless, and its popularity has continued […]

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Yes, you can afford designer fashions, and you deserve them too.

The number of lovely ladies I meet who are amazed when I tell them what I do still astonishes me. Pre-loved fashion is not a new thing – charity shops have been going forever, but elevating the concept to pre-loved designer fashion seems still to be an idea that surprises people. What do I say […]

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What to do with inherited bags and clothes

While you might consider yourself quite fashion savvy, you can’t be expected to know everything about vintage brands and their current popularity or value. So what do you do when a loved one passes, and you are faced with a wardrobe of beautiful things that you just don’t know whether they have value, or should […]

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Are designer handbags a good investment?

As you can imagine, one of the most popular items we resell here at Dress Cheshire are designer handbags. From Michael Kors to Hermès, a beautiful designer handbag is a perennially popular accessory, but as with any accessory we buy for ourselves they eventually become less exciting to carry, and our eyes start to stray […]

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Is a designer belt worth the money?

Designer belts have gained popularity, not only for their functional purpose of holding up trousers but also as an accessory in fashion when worn with dresses and coats too. Fashion lovers often choose designer belts for their label, style, and quality. However, the question most people ask is whether investing in a designer belt is […]

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How to get a capsule wardrobe.

A capsule wardrobe is a small collection of essential, high-quality clothing items that can be mixed and matched to create various outfits. But with so much in our wardrobes (much of it unused) how do we determine how to create a capsule wardrobe and how do we begin to put it together? Step 1: Define […]

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What’s the value in your wardrobe?

Decluttering and wardrobe edits have become increasingly a ‘thing’, of late. Do you remember those long days of lockdown, when programmes we might previously never have noticed became an obsession? One of mine was The Home Edit, where two rather over-excited women visited homes across America to declutter and generally organise people’s bedrooms, garages, kitchen, […]

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Bring us your bags!

If you’ve ever wondered what to do with your unused designer handbags, we have the answer. We buy pre-loved designer bags both instore and remotely, and you can earn up to 70% of the selling price, sometimes more. When I started my business I had visions of a petite boutique retailing fabulous pre-loved clothing, bags, […]

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3 Reasons we have Nothing to Wear.

  The phrase “I have nothing to wear!” has become a common complaint among women despite the fact that their wardrobes are full of clothes. Did you know that the average woman in the UK owns about 95 items of clothing, nearly half of which remain unworn? This suggests that women have more than enough […]

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Why we love Zara

We see a lot of preloved Zara fashion coming into the store, and whereas we usually sell more upmarket, designer brands, we just can’t help falling in love with all the items people bring in to sell with us from Zara, and sell they do! What it is about Zara that we love so much? […]

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In the news. Manchester Evening News February 2023.

In February 2023 we were featured in The Manchester Evening News in its article about Prestbury village and all it has to offer, from its super rich residents, to its bars, restaurants and independent shops where you can bag a second-hand designer bargain at a fabulous price. Read the full article here.

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Everyone’s a network marketer. But most don’t know it.

Word of mouth recommendations and customer testimonials are highly valued assets for any business, brand or marketer. If we can capture other people ‘singing our praises’, based on their personal opinion of what we are selling, it’s priceless material for organisations to capitalise on. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been doing it most of our […]

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We love that The Queen wears it twice… including her Gucci loafers!

Royalty, we expect to see them in a new outfit every time they step out, but that’s not actually true of The Queen, and certainly not true of Kate either. As far back as the 1960s The Queen re-wore her custom-made gowns to high profile events, and in 2020 Princess Beatrice borrowed a Norman Hartnell […]

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Imagine Winning This Amazing Beatles Prize?

To celebrate the launch of Suzan Holder’s debut book ‘Shake it up Beverley’, we have teamed up to giveaway an exciting prize for any Beatles fan!  It includes: Limited Edition John Lennon x Mont Blanc Pen & 7” Single Boxed Gift Set worth £1000. Personalised, signed copy of ‘Shake it up Beverley’ by Author Suzan […]

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7 Iconic designer handbags and the women who inspired them.

Handbags, a thing of beauty for some, a practical holdall for others, or maybe it’s the best of both. At Dress Cheshire we see so many second-hand, preowned, designer handbags coming into the shop, and it brings us so much joy when we see a classic land. Here are 7 of our favourites that have […]

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Cheshire Living January 2022

Dress to Impress. You can read our latest article in Cheshire Living Magazine’s January issue! Grab your copy or click here.  

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Fashion Store of The Year 2021

Stop Press! We WON Fashion Store of The Year in 2021. Due to Coronavirus we were unable to attend any kind of proper event last year, however we did manage to get a quick video link when we collected our trophy to give our thanks!  You can see that here! Our thanks to Prestige Awards for […]

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My top tips for a less stressed you.

Small changes make a big difference. I don’t know about you, but this last lockdown felt more tedious and harder work to cope with than the first. Was it because of the dreary, cold weather? The darker evenings? Or were we all generally feeling a bit more fed up about it all? Making a few small […]

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Know. Like. Trust.

Know. Like. Trust. It’s a well-known phrase. Get to know someone and if you like them, you’ll probably trust them too. Most of you know a bit more about me than I know about you. You’re here for a start! 125 members have joined my Tropic Facebook Group ‘Christine Colbert’s Club Tropic’ since I started […]

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Destination Prestbury village, Cheshire. What’s on the high street.

Prestbury Village, my favourite staycation destination! A few years ago Prestbury Village Cheshire was a wash with To-Let signs and empty shop fronts, however things have changed. It’s really good to see the high street thriving with so much on offer for villagers and visitors, even in pandemic times. And as we have started to […]

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Time to sell your preowned designer handbags?

How many handbags do we really need? Are you thinking of saying goodbye to your preowned designer handbags? What is it about our handbags that has us hanging onto them when we no longer use them?   Some people are happy to have one practical handbag they use every day, whilst others have a whole […]

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Step into 2020 feeling good – about you.

It’s not only a new year, but a whole new decade.  100 years ago, the 20s was known as ‘The Roaring 20s’ a decade of change that started with a roar and ended with a crash.  It brought political change, flare and freedom for women and advances in science and technology.  Also known as ‘The […]

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Designers we love – Christian Dior

Christian Dior. With women growing tired of the masculine clothing styles that reigned supreme during the war years, Christian Dior’s New Look provided a welcome breath of fresh air and femininity. Christian Dior was born into a wealthy family on 21 January 1905 in Normandy, France and by the age of 20 was selling his […]

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Designers we love – Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel. Everyone wants a piece of Chanel in their wardrobe, well we do anyway. It’s probably one of the most iconic brands in the world, with some preloved items attracting many more thousands of pounds than their original selling price. Owning a Chanel is like owning a piece of fashion history, but most of […]

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Designers we love – Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen. Famous for powerful, shocking and sometimes even disturbing runway shows, McQueen was a bold designer never afraid of criticism. He was inspired by a range of topics from politics to nature and his designs blurred the lines between fashion and art. His unexpected death in 2010 left shock and sadness around the world. […]