1. How does it work?

Once you’re registered with us we will sell your items for you. We take a commission on the final selling price once the item is sold. If the item doesn’t sell you can take it back.

Download a ‘booking in form’, fill it out and bring it into the shop along with your items.

If you require a record of the items you have brought in and left with us, please ensure you complete the form yourself, I’m afraid we are unable to complete this paperwork for you.

2. How much commission to you take?

Item value You get  Our commission
Up to £1250 50%     50%    
£1251 – £2499 60%     40%    
£2500+    70%     30%    
Hermes Birkin or Kelly Bags Final sale price minus £1800-£4500 £1800 – £4500 flat fee

3. Do you buy items?

No, we don’t buy items we sell them on your behalf. Please see ‘How does it work?’ for more info.

4. What kind of items do you take?

At Dress we pride ourselves on selling luxury designer and fabulous high street fashion. If we love it we’ll list it! Our reputation relies on us stocking only the very best, therefore all items must be clean, pressed and in as-good-as-perfect condition. We accept all makes / brands but we limit the likes of most fast fashion brands as they do not hold any resale value.

5. Why did you refuse to list my items?

We see new items arriving daily, so we are tasked with accepting only the things we think our customers’ want and those items we think have a good chance of selling quickly. We also want something unique, different or in demand, so if your item is too similar to other items we already have on our rails, we may not be able to accept it.

6. My items were only a bit creased why wouldn’t you accept them to sell?

Unfortunately we don’t offer any kind of laundry service. So if your items are not ready to hang and in near perfect condition we will have to refuse them.

7. Can I call in on any day or time with my items?

We accept items every day during opening hours. If you have more than 15 items, we ask that you contact us to let us know you’re coming in. you can call us on 01625 820000 or email christine@dresscheshire.com

8. What sizes do you sell?

We accept all sizes from 0 to plus size, we judge the item on its style not its size. Therefore we cater for all shapes and sizes.

9. Are you flexible on your commission rates?

Yes we are. 50% is standard and applicable to items that we sell up to £1250, please see the commission chart above. If you are seeking a minimum price for yourself, we are totally flexible and will discuss a fixed price for you on certain items that command a high resale value.

10. How long do you keep items on sale?

We keep items on sale for approximately 12 weeks, or to suit the season. However if we find your items are not getting any interest we may choose to delist them sooner to make room for new items. If your items do not sell within the 12 week period, we will try to contact you to let you know your items can be collected.

If delisted items are not collected within 14 days, we will need to dispose of them via our charity shop partners.

11. Do you take men’s items?

No, however there are some items such as accessories, keyrings, watches, jewellery and other unique pieces we will accept.

12. How do I know what items I can bring in?

We accept items by the current season and handbags all year round. We only accept designer brands or fabulous high street fashion. We do not accept run-of-the mill high street unless its limited edition.

13. What happens if my items don’t sell?

If your items don’t sell within the agreed time period, we will try to contact you to let you know your items are delisted, but we cannot guarantee this. It is wise to keep in touch with us about your items. If you leave your item with us for over 4 months without making any contact with us, we do retain the right to dispose of them to our charity shop partners if they do not sell.

14. Do you contact me when my items sell?

Not normally unless is a very high value item. You need to keep in contact with us for an update on the sale of your item(s). You can phone the shop or message us via email or on our social media platforms.

15. Why don’t you contact me when my items sell?

We have over a thousand registered sellers, with new sellers registering weekly. As we are only a very small business it would be impossible to contact everyone when an item sells.

16. Why didn’t you tell me you had sent my items to charity?

If your items do not sell, we hold your items for as long as we can. However we have limited space, so if we do not hear from you we have to send to them onto our good causes.

17. Do you contact me to tell me what I am owed for sales I have made?

No. You need to contact us for an update on your account. However if you choose to be paid by Bank Transfer you will automatically get paid for items that have sold.

18. How do I get paid?

We pay by bank transfer.
Please complete our bank details form in the shop. Bank transfer payments are made once per month after we have reconciled the accounts. If your items sold after the reconciliation period you will be paid in the following month.

19. My items sold but I’ve not received my payment yet.

We reconcile our accounts once per month to provide a sales report of your sold items detailing what you will be owed, sometimes an item sells just after that process has taken place, if so the payment for that item will be made to you in the month following. Please also note, we allow 28 days to allow processing of returns and refunds to customers which can impact what you may be owed if an item comes back to us. Therefore payments for sold items are subject to a time period to pass to allow all returns to be accounted for ahead of payments being made to sellers.

20. Can I park near the shop?

Yes! There is a car park directly opposite the shop, this is FREE for 90 minutes ONLY and it is operated and managed by a Parking Eye type of organisation, so please make a note of the time you drive in and their terms and conditions. There is also unlimited free parking in the village Springfield’s car park, just a 1-minute walk from the shop, or you can park on public roads opposite the shop or in the village nearby. Plus, there are other dedicated car parks in the village too that are unlimited free parking. Please note we are not responsible for any parking fine you may receive by exceeding terms and conditions with the land owners.

21. Can I get to you by public transport?

Yes! Prestbury village has its own railway station, so you can get to us by train (the shop is a 4 minute walk from Prestbury station) or you can get the bus, please check the bus times for the local area.

22. What happens if I change my mind and want my items back?

Don’t worry! Your item is still yours until we have sold it, so it’s OK to change your mind and take your items back. If you choose to take any items back please contact us so we can arrange for your items to be delisted properly from all our systems and taken off our rails. We kindly ask that you don’t just turn up at the shop and expect to remove your items from us during opening times.

23. I have bought an item. What is your returns policy?

Refunds and returns apply onto to online purchases. We do not accept returns on items purchased in our boutique store in Prestbury, so please make sure you are happy with your item before you buy it, and that you have tried it on and inspected it throughly. All our items are preowned and sold as seen, so there is likely to be some wear. However we pride ourselves and accepting items in good or excellent condition.

If you bought your item online, please contact us if you have a problem and we will do what we can to resolve it for you. Your statutory rights are not affected, and we will accept a return if agreeable within 7 days of purchase. Please email us at christine@dresscheshire.com for a return request.

You can read more about our returns policy here.

24. Can I buy online?

Yes you can! We will also add an item to our online shop for you if you cannot make it into the store. You can either have your items delivered for a charge that is applied at checkout, or you can collect them in store which is free.

25. What is the delivery charge?

We charge a standard flat fee of £6.99 for P&P to any address in the UK, using DHL standard delivery. This service is signed for and insured. You can read more about our delivery and returns here.

Collection in store is free, just select ‘click and collect’ option at checkout.

26. Why can’t I reserve an item I see on your social media page that’s for sale?

As we only have one of anything we do not reserve items. This is because we understand that sometimes people change their mind or forget to come in. It is only fair to the owner of the item that the item has the best chance of being sold by being available to everyone. Please don’t ask us to put an item on one side for you.

27. How do I know the item is genuine and authentic?

We are really careful when it comes to accepting items, especially handbags where there is so many copies on the market. Therefore we make sure that we have asked all the right questions from the owner about the item’s history and where and when it was purchased. In many cases we have receipts and authenticity provided. If we are in any doubt about an item’s authenticity we will refuse to accept it regardless of verbal guarantees by the owner.

28. I bought a copy handbag from abroad or via a ‘bag party’ locally, can I still sell it in your shop as a copy?

No. It’s against the law.

29. I can’t see my items you are selling in your online shop, why is that?

We do our best to get all the items on our online platforms. However due to volumes, we sometimes can’t get all the items we have available for sale in our boutique in our online shop fast enough, this is purely down to man power! However, if someone sees an item on our social media, or they have tried it on in the store and decided to buy it later, we will add it to the online shop to allow online ordering and delivery

30. What is your Facebook and Instagram page?

Find us online at @dresscheshire.

31. Whereabouts in Prestbury village are you?

We are the shop with the pink door on New Road, in Prestbury village, next door to Lilac Cottage, just a few yards away from The Admiral Rodney Pub. Details on how to find us can be found on our contact us page.

32. What are your opening days / times?

We’re open from Monday to Saturday 10am till 5pm each day and by appointment on Sundays. Keep an eye on our social media for additional open days, late nights and special events.