Why we love Zara

We see a lot of preloved Zara fashion coming into the store, and whereas we usually sell more upmarket, designer brands, we just can’t help falling in love with all the items people bring in to sell with us from Zara, and sell they do!

What it is about Zara that we love so much?

Well, it’s great value to start with, with tweed jackets inspired by the likes of Chanel for around £70 (compared the thousands of pounds you will pay for an original Chanel classic tweed jacket)…OK… some might say no real comparison, but pair up your Zara tweed with your timeless classic Chanel handbag and who would know what jacket you’re wearing?

Its very low prices are surprising, as none of its manufacture is outsourced to low-cost countries. Instead it operates 60% of its own manufacturing in Spain, close to its headquarters and the rest in countries like Portugal, Turkey and Morocco.

It also produces garments in very small quantities, which allows them to be sold out quickly, creating the impression of scarcity and driving demand for the brand’s products. Stores also only receive new garments when they have sold out their current stock, reducing the need for storage space and inventory costs.

Sustainable fast fashion?

Zara is increasing its focus on sustainability, as consumers demand that clothing brands be more environmentally friendly, which is great news for us Zara lovers with a conscience.

Super chic and stylish.

But the biggest thing we love about Zara is the sheer style and design of the garments. Super chic fabulous jackets and blazers, gorgeous dresses, lovely skirts and tops, plus amazing trousers and coats. We see them all in our boutique, literally worn once, or sometimes not at all, so buying preloved Zara is even better value… and if you missed out when and item was new in Zara’s own stores you can grab it second time round with us.

Check out our collection of preloved Zara here. But be quick, as it’ll soon be gone…till the next drop of course!