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Dress makes the fashion world go round.

Find out all about us. And why we’re the name on the lips of Cheshire’s fashion community.

Dress makes the fashion world go round.

Dress is where fashion lovers buy, sell and share their love of labels. Buyers make stunning savings on pre-loved fashions. Sellers see a fab return, ready for their next style investment. Everybody’s happy, fashionable and carefree.

Meet our chief fashion seeker.

For Christine Colbert, founder and chief style seeker at Dress, discovering wonderful pre-loved fashions has been a way of life for over 20 years. She loves the idea of style recycling; of ensuring that pre-loved labels go to homes with good wardrobes. There’s nothing she likes more than paying less for high-end fashion. All that was needed, she decided, was a boutique experience; a shop worthy of the gorgeous labels that graced its rails; where sellers would see a return on their original fashion investment and buyers could acquire all they desire at stunningly low prices.

And so, Dress was born, with a mission to make the desirable, more attainable. Catwalk fashions that were once priced in the stratosphere are now within reach, with top styles lovingly recycled and worthy charities supported too. Whether you choose to revel in the ambience of our chic Prestbury boutique, or relax and buy online, a fabulous fashion experience awaits…