3 Reasons we have Nothing to Wear.


The phrase “I have nothing to wear!” has become a common complaint among women despite the fact that their wardrobes are full of clothes.

Did you know that the average woman in the UK owns about 95 items of clothing, nearly half of which remain unworn? This suggests that women have more than enough clothes, yet still have difficulty finding something to wear.

There are lots of reasons us ladies can back up our claims of having a wardrobe full of ‘nothing to wear’, and at Dress we hear stories every day from customers who bring in items they wish to sell that they have never worn, many still with tags, and shoes still in their boxes.

So why on earth do we believe we have nothing to wear, when our wardrobes are bursting?

Reason 1 – Decision fatigue.

One possible explanation is that women experience decision fatigue while selecting an outfit from their closet.

According to studies, decision fatigue is a form of mental exhaustion caused by making too many decisions in a short time. Therefore, when women are overwhelmed with the task of choosing an outfit, they may give up and choose to wear the same thing repeatedly.

Hummm… sounds familiar!

Reason 2 – Fear of being judged.

Another possible reason is the fear of being judged by others. Women may feel that their outfit needs to be perfect and that they will be criticised if they don’t meet societal expectations. And that’s no surprise with the social media pressure pot on constant boil.

This results in a constant search for the perfect outfit, which can be totally exhausting.

Reason 3 – Lack of confidence.

Women may feel insecure about their appearance, leading them to believe that their clothes are not good enough. As a result, the search for the “perfect” outfit becomes a never-ending cycle because they will never feel completely satisfied with what they have.

So, what’s the answer?

We think women should focus on being comfortable with their choices and not worry about what others think. They should also experiment with different styles and outfits to find what works best for them.

At Dress, we are bursting with second-hand designer clothes at very affordable prices, with savings of up to 70% against RRP (sometimes even more), this means you can experiment with different styles and brands without busting the bank account. Plus, if you choose to sell the items with us in your wardrobe that you’re not wearing, you can earn some cash back too, to spend on items you do prefer to wear.

It’s a lovely sustainable, circular, fashion economy.