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Terms & Conditions

1. Selling your items with Dress:

Please download and complete the booking in form from our website or alternatively, complete the form at the shop. This form will be required when booking in your items at Dress.

2. Authenticity:

We only accept genuine, authentic brands. Under no circumstances will we accept counterfeit goods.
Please check that your items are genuine, we are happy to accept original receipts, proof of purchase, tags and authenticity cards where possible.
If we are unsure of the item’s authenticity for any reason we will have to refuse the item.

3. Quality:

Only items that are in immaculate condition, clean and hanger ready will be accepted.

4. Age of goods:

We accept past season and preloved items, ideally not over 2 years old, unless they are vintage, or limited edition. We accept goods that suit the current or next season.

5. Our commission:
Item value You get  Our commission
Up to £1250 50%     50%    
£1250 – £2400 60%     40%    
£2500+    70%     30%    
Hermes Birkin or Kelly Bags Final sale price minus £1800-£2500 £1800 – £2500 flat fee
6. Bank charges and admin fees:

A standard 2% fee is deducted from the final sale price.

7. Selling price:

We can agree a selling price with you. Or, you can allow us to value your items to our best knowledge. If you require a minimum amount for your items you must notify us of at the time of booking in. Otherwise you will receive payment as per our terms above.

8. Sale Periods / Reduction in selling prices.

We retain the right to run sales periods, events, promotions and offers. Therefore items for sale with us are subject to being discounted or marked down. Unless you have specified an exact minimum amount you will be paid as per the above commission and terms.

9. Period of sale:

Your items will be placed on sale for a period of approximately 12 (twelve) weeks. However we do move stock around as our space is limited, so your items may be kept on sale for longer at our discretion and to suit the season.

10. Selling your items outside of Dress.

Please advise us if your items are for sale via other platforms or methods. If you list your items with us we kindly ask that you allow us a minimum of 12 weeks to sell your item for you, and you refrain from removing the item from us during this time. If your items are for sale via eBay or other platforms we retain the right to refuse to list them in our boutique or our online shop.

11. Unsold items and our Good Causes Policy:

We support good causes, if your items do not sell, we retain the right to donate them to our ‘charity shop’ partners.

Due to the high volume of items and seller accounts we have, it remains your responsibility to contact us and arrange collection of unsold items.

If we hear nothing from you we assume you do not wish to collect your unsold items.

12. Payment:

Once your items are sold we will pay you in cash from our shop in Prestbury Village or by bank transfer, depending on your preference.

In cash:

Cash is paid out on on a first come first served basis. Please note that limited cash is kept on the premises, so please call the shop to check your payment is ready prior to visiting.

By bank transfer:

If you would prefer to be paid by bank transfer please complete our form in the shop. We pay you automatically after we have processed the sales of items.

13. Items are left solely at the owner’s risk:

We do not accept liability for loss, damage or theft of your property however caused while in our custody and control, or that of carriers engaged by us to collect or deliver the property.

We have taken as many steps as possible to protect your item. Security tagging system, alarm and security shutters are in place. High value items such as jewellery can be kept in our safe at night, please ask for details.

14. Exchanges and refunds – in store:

We have a strict no returns policy. However if you have a problem with an item please contact us and we will try to resolve it for you.

Exchanges and refunds – online sales:
Your statutory rights mean you have the right to return an item purchased online. Please contact us to arrange the return. If you have bought online and collected in store, the item cannot be returned.

15. Re-selling:

If you buy an item from us, please refrain from sending it back to us for resale after you have used it. We wish to provide fresh stock so that there is ‘always something new’ for our loyal customers.

16. General:

We reserve the right to limit the number of items we will accept.
We reserve the right to refuse items for any reason we choose.
We do not offer credit notes or exchanges.

17. Data protection:

As a customer of ‘Dress Cheshire Ltd’, your details are stored for marketing purposes. If you’d prefer to be removed from our database, please email christine@dresscheshire.com or unsubscribe using the link in our emails.

18. Contact details:

Email: christine@dresscheshire.com Website: dresscheshire.com
Our shop is located at: Dress, St James House, New Rd, Prestbury,
Cheshire SK10 4HP
Tel: 01625 820000.
Dress Cheshire Ltd. Company number: 09686086