Terms & Conditions

Who is Dress Cheshire Ltd.

Dress Cheshire Ltd is an online and physical store marketplace to buy and sell authenticated pre-owned luxury fashion.

Dress Cheshire Ltd has no association and/or affiliation with the brands whose items are offered for sale on its website or in its physical store.

Authentication is performed independently by Dress Cheshire Ltd.

The Buyer

Describes the person or individual who purchases an item from Dress Cheshire Ltd.

The Seller

Describes a person or individual who registers to sell their own personal items with Dress Cheshire Ltd in exchange for a selling and processing fee.

Trade Seller

Dress Cheshire does not partner with Trade sellers.

The role and responsibility of Dress Cheshire Ltd

The role of Dress Cheshire Ltd shall be limited to acting as a destination and platform between the seller and the buyer. Therefore, except in specific cases, Dress Cheshire Ltd shall not act as a reseller of the Products and shall not become the owner of the Products at any point in time. The seller agrees to placing their items for sale by Dress Cheshire Ltd. Items remain the property of the seller until such time as a sale is completed via Dress Cheshire Ltd website or its physical store. The seller agrees to their items being on sale at Dress Cheshire Ltd and has sent their items to Dress Cheshire Ltd to sell.

Quality Control.

Any quality control that Dress Cheshire Ltd may perform shall be merely designed to ensure that a Product sold on behalf of the Seller is in keeping with its description. All items are inspected by Dress Cheshire Ltd prior to being listed for sale to ensure accurate description and authenticity. Dress Cheshire Ltd may ask for proof of original purchase where appropriate.

Despatch of items & communications with buyers.

Dress Cheshire Ltd will manage the despatch of items and all direct communications with buyers.

Despatch of items.

Items are despatched from Dress Cheshire Ltd using third party provider DHL courier service, which is insured and tracked. Delivery is paid for by Dress Cheshire Ltd.

Sales of Products Mandate

Within the scope of the online intermediation service performed by Dress Cheshire Ltd the Seller hereby grants Dress Cheshire Ltd a mandate to do the following:

  • To publish on the Web Site the Product Page that constitutes an offer to sell a Product, including all the content.
  • To accept the order placed by the Buyer, for and on behalf of the Seller.
  • To credit the Price of the Product into the seller’s account; and
  • To receive the moneys and to transfer them to the Seller, after subtracting the Seller Fees and any other sum of money due should any moneys remain outstanding between the parties.

Dress Cheshire Ltd shall be entitled to accept or to reject a Seller’s Product prior to its being put online on the Web Site or in its physical store.  Unless the seller has stipulated a selling price, the selling price will be determined and set by Dress Cheshire Ltd in line with market value or items of similar style and condition.

Cancelled transactions.

Should the Transaction be cancelled due to the item being returned for a refund. The Seller’s account will be debited once the item has been returned to Dress Cheshire Ltd in the same condition that it was delivered. The Seller is entitled to receive the item back, or agrees for the item to be resold.

The Seller’s commitments and obligations

The Seller undertakes to sell only Products of which they are the sole owner, or in case of a sale on consignment of second-hand products, on behalf of a person who is the owner of the Products. The Seller hereby represents that they are not violating the prevailing laws and regulations in any way and are not infringing the rights of any third parties by submitting a Product to Dress Cheshire Ltd.

The Seller warrants, represents and undertakes (i) that the origin, the condition and the characteristics of the Product that they offer on the Web Site and in the physical store comply with that description of the Product on the corresponding Product Page, and (ii) that the Product that is offered for sale is not counterfeit.

Should Dress Cheshire request this, the Sellers must immediately provide it with all the documents proving their ownership of the Products that are offered for sale and/or the origin of these Products. Dress Cheshire Ltd shall be entitled to delete the Profile and/or the Seller who fails to provide evidence to Dress Cheshire Ltd of their ownership rights over the Product(s) that are offered for sale and/or of the origin of the Product(s). The Seller shall be barred from claiming any right to compensation if Dress Cheshire Ltd deletes this information for the reasons mentioned above.

The Seller undertakes in particular not offer to Dress Cheshire Ltd to sell prototypes (clothes or accessories that are created prior to production in series) or uniforms (clothes or accessories designed for use by the employees of certain brands) or Products that were included in “sales to employees” or “press sales” and whose resale is not authorised, bearing in mind that Dress Cheshire Ltd shall be unable to check whether such a prohibition is applicable. Should Dress Cheshire Ltd learn that any such Products are offered for sale in the physical shop, on the Web Site, the Product Pages of the Products involved and/or the Profiles of their Sellers might be deleted as of right, and the latter shall not be able to claim any right to compensation.

Seller Fees

The services on offer by Dress Cheshire Ltd shall be remunerated by Selling Fees and Processing Fees (together the “Seller Fees”) that Dress Cheshire Ltd shall deduct from the Price of the Product paid by the Buyer.

The applicable Seller Fees’ scale, subject to any sales of Products that are put back on sale – for which the principle of the Seller Fees does not apply – is as follows:

The Seller Fees collected by Dress Cheshire Ltd shall correspond to the sum paid for each Transaction to Dress Cheshire Ltd by the Buyers, in return for the intermediation services between Seller and Buyer.

Please note that the adoption of a new scale shall not give rise to any refunds for Transactions that completed previously (for instance, if the Seller finds a difference between the Seller Fees paid previously and the Seller Fees based on the new scale).

Our commission/fees:
Item value You get  Our commission
Up to £1250 50%     50%    
£1251 – £2499 60%     40%    
£2500+    70%     30%    
Hermes Birkin or Kelly Bags Final sale price minus £1800-£4000 £1800 – £4000 flat fee
Bank charges, processing and admin fees:

A standard 2% fee is deducted from the final sale price before commission fees apply.

Sales of Products and payments due to the Seller. The process of checking the order

The Seller acknowledges being aware that the information concerning the Order placed by the Buyer shall be processed automatically by our partner in charge of fraud prevention, the aim of this automated processing of data being to prevent bank card fraud.

Our partner in charge of fraud prevention and/or the “Risks” unit of Dress Cheshire Ltd may also perform checks with the Buyer, by telephone, by e-mail or by post, in order to confirm the Order prior to the Product being sent out; these checks may also include a request for additional elements of evidence.

Pursuant to the checks that are performed, Dress Cheshire Ltd may cancel an order if the information provided by the Buyer is deliberately erroneous and/or fraudulent, even after confirmation of the order. In that case, the Buyer shall be informed by e-mail about the measures taken by Dress Cheshire Ltd, which shall put the Product back on sale in the Seller’s account.

Payment of the Seller

The moneys received from the Buyer, after deduction of (i) the Seller Fees due to Dress Cheshire Ltd, (ii) any authentication costs, (iii) the carriage costs, and (iv) any sum of money that remains due to Dress Cheshire Ltd, shall be paid across in full to the Seller by Dress Cheshire Ltd.

In case of a change of the Seller Fees’ scale, any pending offers on the date on which the new Seller Fees’ scale comes into force shall be null and void.

However, after delivery of the Product to the Buyer, the Seller must reimburse the moneys received from Dress Cheshire Ltd for the Transaction, immediately upon receiving a request to do so Dress Cheshire Ltd, and must reimburse any carriage costs to the Buyer, if:

  1. (i)  the Product turns out to be counterfeit or a Product whose sale is prohibited, in violation of the Seller’s obligations described in these T&Cs; or
  2. (ii)  the Buyer exercises their right to withdraw from the sale, during the statutory timescale of fourteen (14) calendar days.

Should Dress Cheshire Ltd not have paid any moneys to the Seller in connection with the Transaction, the Seller shall not be entitled to claim any payment for a Product that shall have been validly returned by the Buyer or by Dress Cheshire Ltd.

The Seller hereby waives any claims over moneys (interest or other) generated by the temporary blockage of any sums taken by Dress Cheshire Ltd as part of the Transaction.

Should a Seller want the moneys that they are owed to be paid by bank transfer, a bank transfer shall be made into the bank account designated by the Seller. Dress Cheshire Ltd shall only make bank transfers after the Compliance Department of Dress Cheshire Ltd shall have confirmed that the Product complies with the Product description or within three (3) days following the Buyer’s confirmation of receipt of the Product. Should the Seller opt for payment by a bank transfer into their bank account, bank costs may be charged. The Seller should check the terms applicable to such transactions with the banking establishment that holds the bank account involved.

In case of a claim or complaint by the Buyer, Dress Cheshire Ltd shall be entitled to withhold payment to the Seller until the claim or complaint shall have been resolved.
Sellers should note that the moneys that are due to them shall not be credited immediately into their bank account, due to processing and handling delays of around fifteen (15) working days (in the case of banks) after the Product is found to be compliant, these delays being subject to fluctuation and being provided for information purposes only.

In order to receive payments, the Sellers must advise their bank account in order for Dress Cheshire Ltd to be able to make a transfer to their bank account. Please note that the family name and the first name of the Seller must correspond to those of the bank account in order for the transfer to be authorised by the bank involved.

Counterfeit goods.

By physically examining Products prior to adding them to the Web site or physical store, Dress Cheshire Ltd shall make its best efforts to prevent the sale of counterfeit products or of Products whose sale is prohibited (for instance, Products which violate the prevailing laws or regulations or infringe third party rights, such as prototypes (clothes or accessories created prior to production in series), uniforms (clothes or accessories designed for use by the employees of certain brands) or products arising from “sales to employees” or “press sales” whose resale is not authorised by the fashion houses involved.

The Sellers warrant and represent that the Products that they offer up for sale are not counterfeit and that their sale is not prohibited. However, if in spite of the care taken to physically inspect the Product, a Buyer receives a counterfeit item or a Product whose sale is prohibited, they may return it to Dress Cheshire Ltd in order to secure a refund.

Should a counterfeit Product or a Product whose sale is prohibited be discovered, it shall immediately be withdrawn from circulation and the Seller’s account may be suspended temporarily or permanently.

Moreover, should a counterfeit Product or a Product whose sale is prohibited offered to be put up for sale on the Web Site or in the physical store, the Seller of this Product shall bear the risk that this Product might be seized by the appropriate authorities or by the owner of the brand involved, which might impound it or destroy it. The Seller shall then have to personally retrieve the Product in question at their sole risk and expense.

Please note that counterfeiting is subject to specific sanctions.

Should a counterfeit Product or a Product whose sale is prohibited be nevertheless put up for sale or seized by the appropriate authorities or by the brand that owns the intellectual property rights concerned or by the holder of the rights, after it has been sold, the Transaction shall be cancelled. The Seller must then refund to Dress Cheshire Ltd the moneys that it shall have taken in connection with the sale of the contentious Product and shall have to compensate Dress Cheshire Ltd for any costs incurred by the latter and/or by the Buyer owing to the Seller’s activity; the Buyer shall also be liable for any costs, losses, expenses and damages incurred by Dress Cheshire Ltd in relation to any legal action arising in relation to the contentious Product.

In case of doubt over the authenticity of a Product, Dress Cheshire Ltd reserves the right to request from the Seller any and all documents certifying the authenticity of the Product and to suspend the Seller’s account until it shall have received these documents. Dress Cheshire Ltd shall also be entitled to get in touch with a Seller in order to verify the authenticity of a Product.

Transfer of the ownership of the Products and the risks

The Products shall remain the property of the Seller, or should Dress Cheshire Ltd be itself acting as the seller of its own Products, of Dress Cheshire Ltd, until Dress Cheshire Ltd shall have received full payment of the Price of the Order from the Buyer, including both capital and ancillary elements (taxes, Authentication Costs, Carriage Costs and any other costs that may be applicable). The transfer of the risks of loss or damage of a Product to the Buyer shall take place upon receipt of the Product by the Buyer or by a third party that the Buyer shall have commissioned to act on their behalf. The Buyer shall therefore bear the risk linked to any damage caused to the Product after it is received.

Claims and returns
Non-receipt or late delivery of a Product

Should the Buyer not receive the Products within thirty (30) days following the date of the Order, should the Buyer not receive the Products on the delivery date stated upon placing the Order, the Buyer may cancel the:

Transaction, provided that it shall first have summoned Dress Cheshire Ltd to rectify the situation within a reasonable timescale and provided that delivery shall not have taken place within this additional timescale.

Dress Cheshire Ltd shall refund the Buyer within fourteen (14) calendar days following the date on which Dress Cheshire Ltd receives the notification of the cancellation of the Transaction by the Buyer.

Should the Buyer receive the Products whereas they have already cancelled the Transaction, they must return the Products and Dress Cheshire Ltd undertakes to refund the Price of the Products that are returned, the Authentication Costs, the Carriage Costs (in case of return of the Order as a whole) and the cost of returning the Product to Dress Cheshire Ltd, within fourteen (14) calendar days following Dress Cheshire Ltd’s receipt of the complete Products in their original condition.

In case of cancellation, the Buyer shall be refunded in cash (the moneys being credited to the bank card that the Buyer used to make the payment) provided that, in each case, Dress Cheshire Ltd does not suspect that the request for cancellation or for a refund due to total or partial non-receipt of a Product that was ordered was made fraudulently. In the case of a partial cancellation, only the part of the Order that is cancelled shall be refunded in keeping with the foregoing terms.

Authentication Costs

If it is necessary to seek a third party authentication, we use trusted 3rd party authenticators. The cost of authentication is charged to the seller or the seller’s account. Authentication service costs vary.

Cleaning & Repairs

If items are required to be cleaned or repaired we use specialist third parties to carry out the tasks. Charges for all cleaning and repairs is payable by the seller prior to the item going on sale. If cleaning or repairs is requested by the customer during or post sale, charges to carry out works will passed on as appropriate. Charges vary according to the specific garment requirements.

Duration and validity

The Users shall be governed by these T&Cs from the moment that they accept them upon accessing the Web Site or upon registering on the Web Site, and until the cancellation of their account, whether or not they perform any Transactions or book any items in for sale.

Dress Cheshire Ltd shall be entitled to modify its General Terms and Conditions at any point in time, without notice and without any obligation to justify its decision, without incurring any liability as a result. In case of a significant change of one of the clauses of these T&Cs, the Users who accepted their terms and conditions beforehand shall have to accept the new version of these T&Cs. The General Terms and Conditions that are applicable shall be those that are in force on the date on which the User uses the Web Site and/or purchases a Product, depending on the nature of the changes made to the General Terms and Conditions.


Any User wishing to make a complaint against Dress Cheshire Ltd concerning the Web Site  or its physical store may send a letter to Dress Cheshire Ltd at the address mentioned at the bottom of this page, or submit a request via the website at www.dresscheshire.com.

Quality of items for sale:

Only items that are in immaculate condition, clean and hanger ready will be accepted for sale by Dress Cheshire Ltd.

Age of goods:

We accept past season and preloved, designer items, ideally not over 2 years old, unless they are vintage, or limited edition. We accept goods that suit the current or next season.

Sale Periods / Reduction in selling prices.

We retain the right to run sales periods, events, promotions and offers. Therefore items for sale with us are subject to being discounted or marked down.

Period of sale:

The Seller agrees that their items will be placed on sale for a period of approximately 12 (twelve) weeks.

Selling items via other platforms.

Dress Cheshire Ltd request that items are not placed for sale via other platforms or methods due to Dress Cheshire Ltd being in receipt of the item for sale during the selling period. If the seller requires their item to be taken off sale with Dress Cheshire Ltd they must provide 3 days notice to Dress Cheshire Ltd.

Unsold items and our Good Causes Policy:

We support good causes, if The Seller’s items do not sell, we will make attempts to contact the seller via email to collect their unsold items after the sales period has lapsed (approx 16 weeks). If the Seller fails to respond or collect their unsold items by the date specified on email, Dress Cheshire Ltd retains the right to donate items to their ‘charity shop’ partners at their discretion.

Due to the high volume of items and seller accounts at Dress Cheshire Ltd, it remains The Seller’s responsibility to contact Dress Cheshire Ltd and arrange collection of unsold items. It remains the responsibility of The Seller to advise Dress Cheshire Ltd if an unsold item must not be donated to charity.

If an item does not sell and it is removed from sale, should Dress Cheshire receive no response from The Seller after 2 attempts to do so, we assume The Seller does not wish to collect their unsold items.

Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior handbags are exempt from being donated to charity and will be kept on our premises until The Seller collects. We will make every attempt to inform The Seller to collect their unsold luxury branded handbag.

Items are left solely at the owner’s risk:

We do not accept liability for loss, damage or theft of your property however caused while in our custody and control, or that of carriers engaged by us to collect or deliver the property.

We have taken as many steps as possible to protect Seller’s items. Security tagging systems, security alarms and security shutters are in place. High value items such as jewellery may be kept in our safe at night, please ask for details.

Exchanges and refunds – in our physical store:

We have a strict no returns policy in our physical store at Dress Cheshire, St James House, New Road, Prestbury SK10 4HP. However, if the buyers experiences a problem with an item please contact us and Dress Cheshire Ltd will aim to resolve it for the buyer to complete satisfaction. Please refer to our returns policy here https://www.dresscheshire.com/delivery-returns/

Exchanges and refunds – online sales via our web shop:

Your statutory rights mean Buyers have the right to return an item purchased online under our no quibble online refund policy within 14 days of purchase. Please refer to our returns policy here https://www.dresscheshire.com/delivery-returns/


Outlet items are none returnable and none refundable. Items in our Outlet category are priced up to 70% less than their standard preloved price. Items in Outlet may have previously been on sale at our full preloved price, or discounted in any of our promotions or regular sales. Some items are exclusive to Outlet and may not have been on sale with us before.

If you purchase an Outlet item on click & collect from the shop it remains none returnable and none refundable.

Sellers should be aware that Outlet items are those items that have not successfully sold with us, have not been collected from us, or you have not indicated we are to exclude them from the category. We will endeavour to communicate this to you at booking in.We may also list items in Outlet that we may not have been able to accept from sellers before.


We reserve the right to limit the number of items we will accept.
We reserve the right to refuse items for any reason we choose.
We do not offer credit notes or exchanges.

Data protection:

As a customer of ‘Dress Cheshire Ltd’, buyer and seller details are stored for marketing purposes. If a buyer or seller prefers to be removed from our database, please email hello@dresscheshire.com or unsubscribe using the link within our emails.

Contact details:

Email: hello@dresscheshire.com Website: dresscheshire.com
Our physical shop is located at: Dress, St James House, New Rd, Prestbury,
Cheshire SK10 4HP
Tel: 01625 820000.
Dress Cheshire Ltd. Company number: 09686086